Discipleship 1 & 2
Class Leader: Elder and Mother Parker

Brief Class Description:

The purpose of this study is to adequately equip the believer with useful, useable, and practical study of the inspired word of God. The fill-in blank format is intended to help in material retention while providing a personal reference resource that can be shared with others.

Discipleship 3
Class Leader: Sis. Della Barnes

Brief Class Description:
We will be going over the following:
· Water Baptism
· The Church
· Repentence
· The Great Commission
· Faith Toward GOD
· The Carnal vs. The Spiritual Christian
· Satan, Our Adversary
· The Work Of The Holy Spirit
Worksheets will be handed out as well as open class discussion.

“And the things you have heard from me among many witness, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”
2 Timothy 2:2-3

What is a Disciple and Discipleship?

A disciple is defined as one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrine of Christ.

What is Discipleship?
Discipleship is the process by which disciples grow in the Lord Jesus Christ and are equipped by the Holy Spirit, who resides in our hearts, to overcome the pressures and trials of this present life and become more and more Christ like.

We must recognize that a biblical mandate was given to us:
“Therefore, go (as you go) and make disciples of all nations.”   Matthew 28:19
In order to carry out this great commission, the principle of evangelistic multiplication commended by Paul must become a reality for each of us, In other words, we are to share our faith and tell nonbelievers about the wonderful changes Jesus Christ has made in our lives.


Discipleship I

Key Scriptures For a Firm Foundation
Seeing Your Need For Spiritual Growth
Seeing Your Need To Study The Scriptures
Seeing Your Need For Bible
Seeing Your Need To Be Taught Daily
Seeing Your Need For Commitment

Discipleship II

Assurance of Salvation
The Devotional Life
The Lordship of God’s Word
Confession- The Way to Forgiveness
God’s Guidance
Giving and Stewardship

Discipleship III

Water Baptism
The Church
The Great Commission
Faith Toward God
The Carnal Vs. The Spiritual Christian
Satan, Our Adversary
The Work of the Holy Spirit